About Company

SKYSCRAPER Construction( Private) limited Company  is a professional construction company. We push the boundaries for excellence and innovation in the construction industry.

SKYSCRAPER Construction( Private) limited Company  takes great pride in being a full service general contractor. We believe in building long term relationships with our customers based on our ability to provide excellent service that goes far beyond the typical life cycle of a single project. We are in the construction industry because we are passionate about building; structures, relationships, and opportunities. Our main motive is to introduce new technologies to save our customers time and money.

SKYSCRAPER Construction( Private) limited Company  is a registered Civil Engineering Company of national and International Repute .

The company is registered with SECP Security  & Exchange commission of Pakistan  and also with major public sector organization as a “A” class firm capable of undertaking projects in the in the above mentioned fields on turn key basis. We carry a sound team of Professionals with proven standing in the field of Planning ,Design, Execution , Control and Inspection of the Civil Engineering works .

The Company is a member of SECP ,Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan. It is also registered with Pakistan Engineering council , which is the national body for synthesizing and approving firms of Engineering repute. The company carried a creditable name with the Capital Development Authority , Islamabad and Provincial Highway Departments for the successful   accomplishment of several projects having an estimated turnover in millions. The Company is proud of the significant contribution  it has made to building , roads ,streets, plazas ,network system in Islamabad which exemplified the quality and workmanship compared to the rest  of such works in the National and International level .